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Stats & Facts:
Sexual Harassment
General Resources:
Additional Denver Metro Area Resources:

Colorado School Safety Hotline
(877) 542-SAFE

Denver Center for Crime Victims
(303) 860-0660

Adams Community
Mental Health Center

(303) 853-3500

Aurora Mental Health Center
(303) 617-2300

Boulder Mental Health Center
(303) 433-8500

Comitis Crisis Center (Aurora)
(303) 341-9160

Jefferson County
Center for Mental Health

(303) 425-0300

Jefferson County
Child Advocacy Center

(303) 987-4885

Mental Health Corporation of Denver
(303) 377-4300

Servicios de la Raza
(mental health services in Spanish)

(303) 458-5851

The Basics
  • Sexual harassment is unwanted and unwelcome sexual behavior that interferes with your right to get an education or to participate in school activities. In school, sexual harassment may result from words or conduct of a sexual nature that offend, stigmatize, demean, frighten, or threaten you because of your sex.

  • Agreement isnít needed. The target of sexual harassment and the perpetrator (the one doing the harassing) do not have to agree about what is happening. Sexual harassment is subjective, defined by the person being targeted. You do not have to get others to agree with you.

  • Sexual harassment can happen once or many times. Being the target of sexual harassment may make it very scary to go to school, or hard to concentrate. Incidents of sexual harassment may cause the target to feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or threatened.

  • School district officials are legally responsible to guarantee an education for all students in a safe environment that is free from sexual harassment and sex discrimination.

  • Some forms of sexual harassment are also crimes and should be reported to the police or the district attorney so that the perpetrator can be prosecuted.

Examples of Sexual Harassment in School
  • Touching, pinching, grabbing body parts.

  • Being cornered.

  • Sending sexual notes or pictures.

  • Writing sexual graffiti.

  • Making suggestive or sexual gestures, looks, jokes, or verbal comments (including mooing or barking and other noises).

  • Spreading sexual rumors or making sexual propositions.

  • Pulling someone's clothes off.

  • Pulling their own clothes off.

  • Being forced to kiss someone or do something sexual.

  • Attempted rape and rape.

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